Love is in the Air.

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I believe love is in all of us, it’s an energy, a force. It’s layered; it’s made up of confidence and choice in who or what we believe in. And photography just so happens to be one of the easiest ways for me to express my own love and compassion, so naturally I use it to encourage you to share yours too.

A photo isn’t just a photo to me, it’s a chance to shape your experience, your perspective, and your mindset. I am most excited to help cultivate a moment of authenticity with those you love.

I crave the candids and the energy of laughter. The fast-paced movement and the blur of living in the moment. I want to show how fun and exhilarating your love story is. I feed off of the moody, cinematic energy and the timeless black-and-white photos. I want you to feel like the badass that you are.

What Do We Do? Your love is real and authentic, it’s not posed. But, let’s be for real, we still have to do some posing. My style is as far from cheezin’ at the camera as possible (though we’ll still get some smileys). And I’ll be guiding you the whole time, but I’ll also be prompting fun and weird photo moments that will bring out your sweetheart, your cool, and your strength as one.

I spend a lot of time with each session making more than just pretty photos. I like to encourage mindful gratitude, hang time, snack time, and challenging you to share your love outwardly.

Dana Rogers

What I'm About

To all the lovers out there,

You are beautiful, and you are loved. You’ve got something magical inside & around you. Let’s show it off.

I want to empower your love and show all the little details that tell your story. Whether you’re marrying your best friend, having fun with your family, or you’re a professional. You have a passion for something amazing and I want to inspire you to flaunt it. I can’t pose your love, I can only encourage you to open up in front of my camera. So, let’s make it a memorable experience, so that you leave our session feeling loved, proud of yourself, your work, family, and your community.

I’m most intrigued by real moments. Let’s explore spaces that are unique to you, that you’re most comfortable in. Like cooking in your home, gardening in the backyard, picnicking in the gorge, walking the dogs around the neighborhood, or even cuddling in your underwear!

With love,


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