Love is in the Air.

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Love is in all of us. Photography is one of the easiest ways I know how to express my love. A photo isn’t just a photo, it’s an experience that we get to share with others. When I photograph your love story, my focus is always on your experience and what you’ll remember walking away from the session. I’m less interested in just taking nice photos and more excited to help cultivate a true moment with your love. I can’t pose it. I can only encourage you to be open with them, in front of my camera. I am happy to offer a time in your life that you can look back on how tight you held your love that day; a time you told them something you never had the chance to say before, and those good times you laughed together. Give yourself a moment to cuddle, leaving all other worries behind.

Dana Rogers

What I'm About

To all the lovers out there,

You are beautiful, and you are loved. You’ve got something magical inside & around you. Let’s show it off.

I want to empower your love and show all the little details that tell your story. Whether you’re marrying your best friend, having fun with your family, or you’re a professional. You have a passion for something amazing and I want to inspire you to flaunt it. I can’t pose your love, I can only encourage you to open up in front of my camera. So, let’s make it a memorable experience, so that you leave our session feeling loved, proud of yourself, your work, family, and your community.

I’m most intrigued by real moments. Let’s explore spaces that are unique to you, that you’re most comfortable in. Like cooking in your home, gardening in the backyard, picnicking in the gorge, walking the dogs around the neighborhood, or even cuddling in your underwear!

With love,


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