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Polaroid is my third eye.

I am now offering polaroids!

If you’re all about the experience of capturing an ephemeral moment with photo magic and watching your unique print come to life; then instant film is for you. You’ll watch your print develop in that special moment, as it reveals itself in your hands. Every print is unique and original, no true copies can be made (don’t worry, we’ll scan them for to make copies.) The technique is fleeting and ever-changing, allowing for new and unique experiences to be created with each capture. Keep your prints and pass them down through the family; they’re a keepsake, a fine piece of art. The tangible rawness of each image offers an opportunity for the ripening of each piece throughout time, strengthened by the budding senses of romance and nostalgia.

Olivia & Randy’s Polaroid Wedding:

These two had a whole crew of Lexington creatives documenting their wedding day. I value our community, and it’s obvious these lovebirds do too with how many artists they included. It felt so exhilarating that I only had to bring my polaroid cameras to this wedding. By limiting myself to my polaroid cameras, I was able to focus on that medium and really make what I think is my best work yet. I am so lucky to have clients who trust my creative input and let me make something magical for them. They hired another photographer and videographer too, so that all fronts were documented as well as having me there with instant film. I was there for the bride & groom portraits, the ceremony & two hours at the reception documenting guests with instant film prints to take home.

I’d love to photograph more polaroid weddings, so do hit me up if you’re interested! I’ll show up with my polaroid cameras on my hips and focus on only documenting with polaroids, or we can always add on polaroid portraits to your digital wedding packages. Message me at for pricing 🙂

I love working with other photographers, we’re always learning from each other and figuring out our voice together, community is super important for growth in this business. Photographing with my polaroids alongside other talented digital photographers at a wedding is one of my favorite jobs. The images that the polaroid makes are always so different from the digitals, and they offer another perspective. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself to multiple storytellers on your special day, it’s such a unique way to express your love.

I am always happy to hear from you, say hi anytime!

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Sample image above of Instant Film prints for guests! I have camera rental options available when you book a digital wedding package with me. Email me at for more info 🙂

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