Matt + Peggy’s Farm Wedding

Matt & Peggy get married.

This love story is set in a special scene at the bride’s childhood home. A lovely farm in Kentucky, at the Coots holler. With chickens and turkeys roaming around in the sunrise light and a good southern cooked breakfast to start out the day; this story has many unique moments.

From those cherished mother and daughter moments in the house that mom raised her in, to the new memories shaping with their triplet nephews; we get to see the start of their new adventure.

The groom makes his own cake and they share a ceremony under trees that welcome visitors onto the farm, and the bride walks with her father and fur baby (Gemini) in to meet her special guy.

Matt + Peggy share my love for original film prints, so we made sure to incorporate plenty of time and photo coverage with instant film. She also brought her grandmother’s Polaroid so we captured some really special moments with her camera.

A special thank you goes out to Sabrina Hounshell for second shooting this wedding with me! You rock!

From the Bride | He makes me smile so much. He’s a hard worker and loyal to the core. He challenges me in the best ways and compliments me too. He laughs with his whole body - it warms me to the core.
From the Groom | Her sense of humor, strength, and her smile.
We have the same favorite color; it’s hard to find someone who appreciates grey.
From the Bride | A couple of days before the wedding when I was stressing out, Matt said to me, "It's not about March 17, 2018. It's about March 17 in 50 years." - This one still gets me.

They decided to have an intimate first look in Peggy’s favorite spot on the farm. This was a time just for them, a time to be alone together before the hustle of the ceremony. First looks can be just as magical as seeing each other for the first time during the ceremony, except that you have a lot less pressure on you and it’s more intimate, being just the two of you.


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