Styled Shoot – Cocktail Party at Warrenwood Manor

Take your coat off and stay a while.

Party. Cocktails. Vibes.

The idea was to make a fun and flirty styled shoot that flaunted some creativity that we had lurking in the back of our minds. At first, we weren’t sure what it was that we were planning and eventually we landed on a cocktail party inspired “date.” We wanted something out of the norm, something really intriguing, playful and fresh. We were really excited by the idea imagery for receptions, cocktail parties, fancy birthdays, anniversaries, engagement parties, or even classy group date nights. I was ready to try out a few new film cameras, Alexis wanted to make intricate floral accessories and Sabrina was down for the party 🙂

I will say that this was the most planning I’ve ever been involved with in a styled shoot. It was a bit overwhelming at times, but we worked as a team to get all the little details in place to bring this party to life. From collaborating with local vendors and models; to planning our imagery and florals; troubleshooting; to playing stylist and putting the final pieces together in the midst of our busiest season of the year (laughing now, crying then); I can say it was a success!

Let’s make something awesome together.

I love collaborations, and you’ll always catch me trying to plan one. So, anyone out there who has creative energy and has been dying to burn it a styled photo shoot, let’s chat. I’ve really been wanting to flex my film muscles (or mostly build them up.)


Film Photographer: Dana Rogers Photography

Digital Photographer: Seriously Sabrina Photography

Venue: Warrenwood Manor

Florist + Floral Accessories: Wild Roots Farmer Florist

Bar: Little Champagne Cart

Vases: Dishes & Details

Clothing + Hats: Worn & Company

Invitations and signs: Simply Done Invites

A huge thank you to our amazing models!

Philip @ky_ambassador
Merissa @melissa_30
Teagan @teaganm
Sarah Jo @sarah_jo_jacobs
Max @ship.shape
Shawn (my husband)

Pop. Fizz. Clink.
Dancing Queen, it's your scene.
Dana Rogers

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